Our goal is to raise delicious, healthy crops and sustain the fertile soil that we are fortunate enough to grow on. We grow responsibly, using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Practices…which means we scout our fields regularly for signs of disease or harmful pests. In the event that a problem is found that will greatly hinder quality and production, we will spray our crops.

 When we do have to spray, we only use products that are registered with the Maine Board of Pesticide Control for the crop that we are tending to. We are licensed Pesticide Applicators with the MBPC, and continue our education to maintain our licenses.

Pesticide products we use include both organic, natural and man-made products (synthetic). The decision of what products to use is based on safety (human and environmental) and effectiveness.  

We love growing our fruits and vegetables…and it is an honor to invite the public to visit our farm and share in the joy of harvesting fresh, healthy fruit. 

 Please rest assured that we put the health and safety of our family, employees, customers and land above all else.  

Our Mission Statement
Fairwinds Farm
Topsham, Maine


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